The local church is a family. It is a place to believe and belong. Church membership is the way we formally commit to each other as a family and is the strongest identification you can have with a church. Venture members vote annually to approve the budget and affirm new elders, as well as occasional votes on proposed changes to the constitution, budget, or new lead pastoral candidates.

Membership process:

Attend a Membership Class. The Membership Class is available to everyone, but especially those who are interested in joining Venture Church. In the class, you will learn the doctrine and governance of Venture Church, as well our passion for effective ministry. It is a great place to learn more about Venture and how you can find your place in what God is doing here. Before the class, you will need to read the Membership Packet available here.

Sign a Membership Covenant. In the covenant, you commit to a sincere involvement and support of Venture Church.

Meet with an Elder. After the Membership Class, an elder from Venture will contact you and set up a time to meet. It is a place to ask and answer questions of each other. After this meeting, the final step in the process is for the elders to vote and welcome you into the fellowship at Venture Church.