Ready for a new perspective this Christmas? Experience the Christmas Eve Gathering in a fresh way this year.

Venture’s Christmas Eve Gathering will be held in a Cherry Valley Barn this year (thanks to our friends at Los Rios for use of their barn!). We will gather at 4:00 pm for a short time of singing carols and hearing the Christmas story — while surrounded by the sights and sounds (and smells) that greeted Jesus as he entered our world 2,000 years ago.

Mark recently wrote a blog about celebrating Christmas in a barn, read it here.

The barn is located in Cherry Valley at 39756 Orchard Street. Find it here



  1. What is the parking like? Dirt parking is available next to the barn. There will a parking team to assist you. If you need closer, accessible parking, let the team know and you will be directed to safe, convenient parking.
  2. What is the barn floor/seating arrangement like? The floor in the barn is loose gravel and dirt, with a bit of hay mixed in. We will set 150 or so chairs. So most will be sitting, but some people will most likely need to stand. We will work to make sure those who need to be seated are accommodated.
  3. How long will it last?┬áThe gathering will be brief, probably 30-45 minutes long. It’s a simple service of Scripture reading and carols.
  4. Will there be bathrooms available? A port-a-potty will be available near the barn.
  5. How should I dress? You are going to a working barn in the evening. No need to dress up for this one! Also, plan for cooler temperatures in the evening.
  6. Will there be animals? Yes! The Riley’s have small ponies and large horses (Belgians and Percherons) that are housed in the barn. We will see, hear, and smell them all!
  7. Are we using candles? Yes! At the close of our gathering, we will all light a candle as we sing Silent Night. Of course, we will encourage caution for all involved!
  8. Can we bring guests? By all means, yes! This is a unique Christmas experience and we’d like as many people as possible to experience it.
  9. What time should we arrive? We will gather at 4 pm and begin singing shortly after that. You may want to arrive a few minutes early to say hello to the horses before we begin. We should be finished around 4:45 pm, leaving plenty of time for dinner or family Christmas Eve festivities.
  10. Is there a charge for this experience? No. There is no cost and no offering will be taken. The gathering is our gift to the community. Come join us for a unique, simple, and meaningful reflection on Christmas.

Merry Christmas!