End of Summer Pool Party

End the Summer with a splash! On Sunday, August 28, we will carpool after church to the Marvins’ home in Redlands. Swimming, pizza, volleyball, and more. We will finish around 5:00. The party is free, but feel free to bring a snack to share if you’d like. This is fun way to end a great summer as we transition back into our fall schedule. See you there! Contact Jill Brown for more information.

Camp Pondo

Student Ministries will be heading to Camp Pondo in Running Springs. The students will hear the worship band “For All Seasons” and a dynamic speaker, Josh Griffin. Pondo is known for its insane activities: ropes course, giant swing, team cheers, waterslide, and so much more.

Venture will attend the week of August 1-5. There are still spots available, please contact Terrilynn Adrian if interested. Cost is approximately $300, with fund-raising opportunities available.

Current Student Ministries Series: Activate

Science is fascinating. Even if you hate science class, you have to admit that the idea of conducting experiments is cool. It’s amazing how adding just a few drops of one chemical can create a reaction, adding a few drops of another can stop or deactivate the same reaction and adding a few drips of a third chemical can make the first two glow in the dark or it can make them explode! What’s crazy is that you can’t tell by looking at something what reaction it will cause. Maybe it’s an activator. Maybe it’s a deactivator. Maybe it’s neither. The only way to know is to keep testing it out and see what happens. Believe it or not, this is something faith and science have in common. We all experience moments that have the potential to activate or deactivate our faith, and it’s hard to tell at first glance which is happening. This was especially true in the life of one of Jesus’ followers and dear friends, Peter. As we take a closer look at his ups and downs, we’ll discover how sometimes the very experiences that threaten to destroy our faith are the ones that can activate it in a whole new way.

Current Student Ministries Series: In Other Words

Inside jokes are awesome, right? You probably have some with your friends where you can just say one word and have everyone laughing! Well… everyone on the “inside” that is. In fact, if you’ve ever been around a group of friends who had an inside joke, you probably learned quickly that being on the outside isn’t much fun. Has church every felt that way to you? Like it’s a bunch of people with inside jokes, language, and words you just don’t understand? Even if you grew up in church, there’s a good chance there are some words you hear, maybe even words you use, where the meaning isn’t super clear. And, some of the words most often confused are the same ones that have the greatest impact on our faith. That’s why, during this series we’re going to dive into two of the most common and most misunderstood words in our vocabulary and see how some clarity on what these words mean could lead to more clarity in how we understand our faith.

Current Student Ministries Series: Plot Twist

We all have a storyline for how we want our lives to go. But what happens when that story takes a twist? Middle and High School Ministries meet at 6:30 pm in the Venture Ministry Center. Come join in for worship, games, teaching, and small groups. Plan to come, and bring a friend!

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