Venture has a three-fold strategy for missions:

  1. Serve our community (Local Outreach)
  2. Serve in Mexico (Cross the Border)
  3. Serve around the world (Strategic Global Partnerships)

Missions Resources

Local Outreach

On an individual basis, people from Venture serve our community in many ways. As a church, we organize creative ways to love our community, such as area work days, Kid Summer Experience, and events to introduce our neighbors to Venture.

Cross the Border

Serving in Mexico can be a life-changing experience! Venture partners with Hands of Mercy to build homes for needy families, Siloe Ministries for medical and dental care, and we are currently investigating an opportunity to partner with church planters in Ensenada.

Strategic Global Partnerships

Our vision is to be a growing church that plants churches. On a global scale, we partner with two church planting agencies. We support church planting missionaries in Ireland and also partner with Liberia Mercy Partners with their church planting and related efforts in Liberia.